Strike A Pose

I believe it all started in Manchester, England. The year was 1997.  Sarah and I had just arrived at her Uncle’s house for spring break. We were walking down the hall to our room when I spotted the bathroom. It was perfect. The layout, the lighting, the bathtub with the steps – everything just screamed “crime scene”.

Where all great ideas begin - the Loo.



An idea began to take shape. I ran to our room and threw my bags down. I couldn’t stop to unpack now. I grabbed Sarah and the camera. Dead Man Pose was born. It’s a classic. It became a favorite of ours. I was always the model of course. Sarah was the photographer. It didn’t matter where we were. I was a willing victim. My favorite was in Paris. On our hotel balcony. It’s a classic and you would see the picture here if only I could find it.

Setting up for my pose

But alas, like many things over the years Dead Man’s Pose came and went. Like an old friend that you lost touch with over the years, it was gone but most certainly not forgotten. Until a few weeks ago.  Mike and I had gone on a ghost tour in downtown San Diego. I know some of you have read about it on a previous blog. Well, at least I hope you have.
We had come to the end of our tour when I saw it. The piece de resistance. The mother lode. The crime scene of all crime scenes. The Grand Staircase. I stopped dead in my tracks. Ha ha ha. No, wait. I’m not joking this time. I really did. My eyes were open wide. I was in awe. I couldn’t move. I caressed the newel post. You know, the thing you hold on to at the end of the stairs. The newel post. Or, the thing my mom likes to hang her purse on.

A Classic Returns!

I looked around. There were so many people on our tour. I didn’t know if I could do it. Should I throw myself down on the stairs right here? Damn. The dilemma I was facing. I moved on. We toured the room for another 10 minutes and my eyes kept returning to the stairs and lost opportunities. I thought of Sarah. I knew I would regret it. I had to bring back the classics. No regrets, no regrets. I had to do it for me, for Sarah and for old times.
I ran to the stairs. Our tour group looked at me with wonder. I excused myself. Told them it was all about the Dead Man Pose.  As I threw myself on the floor to the sounds of laughter I couldn’t help but smile. Mike snapped away. I had forgotten how entertaining this was. I didn’t even think about the dirty floor I was laying on. Until now. Remember it’s all about getting that shot, all about the shot.

A brief look at the set-up

When I hear those famous words, “strike a pose” it brings to my mind a completely different image than what I’m sure it brings to most people. You might have visions of Madonna and Vogue. Models and magazines. These images aren’t bad but they aren’t what I see. It’s the pose. The old Dead Man’s Pose. But it’s not just a pose. It’s much more than that. It’s images of England and Paris and balconies and bathtubs. I think of fun and travel and old friends and adventure. Being silly and free to explore the world whenever you want. A time when we didn’t have to worry as much and we were carefree. I miss those days.

Dead Man Revisited

I know we can’t go back in time but I can start to bring back the past and I can do it with that pose.  Every time I throw myself on the ground it makes me smile and think of the old days. And then I smile even more knowing that I have new ones to add to the collection.
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