Summer on the Coast

Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Thanks for the prop Mags!

It was time to kick off the summer festivities and what better way to do that then with a wedding. Isn’t that how we all start the summer? No? Maybe it’s just something our family does. Or maybe it just seems that way. Or maybe it’s because, oh who cares it’s just another excuse to celebrate and party. That pretty much works for us. Ever since we got our save the date card we’ve been looking forward to June 2011. It was another chance to head on over to the East Coast. Virginia Beach was the destination this time. It was all we could talk about for months.

What to wear, what to do, what to see, did I mention what to wear? Ironically, Mike had his wardrobe choice all set months before I did. What’s up with that? Finally the trip arrived and we were off. We flew Southwest. Not exactly my favorite way to go. I’m a Jetblue girl myself. I’m all about individual T.V. screens. And snacks. Remind me to stay true to the blue. I should get loyalty points in the future. But more on this later. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to this….

I don't think Bob enjoyed the heat like Mike & did.

I was actually pretty excited to be welcomed to warmth. I know, strange concept. I have to fly from California in June to get some heat. What’s up with that? True story. We landed and I took my jacket off. Aaahh. Wait. Did I actually welcome the humidity? Who am I? What did I do with the old me? We got ready for the rehearsal dinner at Waterman’s and look at that – nighttime and I didn’t need my sweater. Ah, this was nice. What a concept. To wear your dress and have it be seen instead of having to cover up. We basked in the warmth all night and it just kept on coming. We woke up the next morning and opened the door. Woosh. Yup, it’s hot. Yup, it’s humid. But ironically we were enjoying it. Sure, we might not enjoy it forever but at that moment we were loving it. Mike and I sat on the porch and soaked it in.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Brian Perez

We arrived at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens for the Wedding Ceremony. We noticed how everything around us was just so green. We had forgotten just how green everything on the East Coast is. It was beautiful to be sitting there in the gardens – yes I will admit it was hot – and just see how alive everything was. In comparison, San Diego is kind of brown. We are in a desert after all. Sometimes you never really stop to think about it until you are sitting there in the garden surrounded by all of those trees.  Thankfully, us guests weren’t left to melt in that glorious summer sun. We had fans. That’s right, no southern function can be complete without a fan. These little bad boys certainly came in handy. For some, as sunblockers. For others, as hats. For me, yes, as a fan. To each their own.

These definitely came in handy.

On our last day in Virginia Beach we thought we’d just cruise along the boardwalk, say our goodbyes to the family and look for a few souvenirs. Mike and I always happen to be in town when there are fairs and festivals and this weekend was no exception. It was artfest and the boardwalk was filled with artists and their work. I’m all for a festival so we walked the boardwalk enjoying the show. Then it was time for a little shopping. I’m all about the hand painted wineglasses. Everywhere we go on vacation I’m always on the lookout for a new one to add to the collection. I’m picky. Anyone can just slop on some paint and call it a day. I refuse to buy just any wineglass.
I hit the jackpot here. I didn’t know which one to choose. They were all so freakin’ cute. I had to control myself. I knew I could only get one. I had the luggage to think about. Damn luggage. So I opted for the Octopus. That’s right, the octopus. Nothing says summer on Virgina Beach like an orange octopus. Screams it for me. Now every time I drink from my adorable wine glass I can think about lightning bugs, burnt sandy feet, lush green weddings and summer fun.

My new favorite wineglass.

It was time to head back to the airport. I promised to get back to this story didn’t I? We flew Southwest. First come first serve my a**. Unless you’re flying solo, this is not the way to go. No one likes to give their seat up. Even if it’s not an assigned seat. No one likes to let people travelling together sit together. True story. People won’t make eye contact with you. They will avoid you at all costs. The price of our Southwest flight was not that much cheaper than any other airline. Sure, they give you a little stand-up comedy. A bag of peanuts, a bag of pretzels. Two checked bags for free. I think I’ll take my chances on the Blue. I get my fill of snacks, my t.v. and sure, I only get one checked bag but for the price of that second checked bag I don’t have to worry about getting to the airport early enough to make the first grouping. It’s not worth it. Besides, you can’t argue with that individual t.v. screen.

Just a perfect spot to relax

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