>The Infamous Question Returns

>It happened again. The infamous question. This time I can absolve my hairdresser of all guilt. I had spent an hour in the chair, chatting, getting cut and styled to perfection. I had just finished telling “my man” about my brilliant find & perfect match in Frederic Fekkai’s at home hair color only to have it taken away before I could start stocking up for when the time came to cover those nasty grays. I think he felt my pain.

I was just about finished. Out of the chair, shake the hair, get that final spray. Damn I was looking pretty fine. Well, at least my hair was. I turned to walk away when I heard it. Off to the side, that question. I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly so at first I ignored it. It came from the salon owner. Hhhmmm. I turned back in time to see my guy smile, shrug and say “You’ll have to ask her yourself”. Nice save. He probably forgot. Owner repeated, “Is that your natural haircolor?” I replied yes. “Wow, that’s a great color, I wish we made that here”, Owner said. I sighed. Damn, that answers my question. I replied, “So do I”.

Hindsight – I should have told him Fekkai makes it. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone.


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